Thursday, October 28, 2010

GoGirl Story #44: Car thief takes gogirl, leaves checkbook

The Go Girls are very excited to continue our GoGirl Story Series.  We're calling all you lovely ladies to share your GoGirl stories with us: times when you needed us, thought of us, or used us.  Email us at to participate.  We will post a new story each week.

Today Heather Toone from Logan, Utah shares her GoGirl Story:  .

My husband's truck was recently stolen. That's right-STOLEN! Thankfully, it was found a week later, and amazingly the thief left our blank checkbooks, ammunition, and thousands of dollars' worth of packpacks and outdoor gear that was in the truck.

However, along with my husband's dog tags and wedding ring that were hanging on the rearview mirror, they took a GoGirl out of the glove box! Are you serious? I guess the thief must have really needed it. As all of us know, when you gotta go, you gotta go!


Thanks so much for sharing your story, Heather. Sorry to hear about the break-in. I can't believe they took the GoGirl and left the checkbooks and expensive gear! I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures -- your thief must really have had to go!


Convenient Traveling is in the Bag: Restroom Tips for Women Travelers

NEW YORK, Aug. 16 PRNewswire -- Whether it's the soothing sound of waves on the beach or the noisy exploration of new business opportunities, travel is back this year, as evidenced by six consecutive months of increasing airline revenues(1). And women are leading the way. Women now make 70 percent of all travel decisions and comprise more than half of all business travelers(2). With this leadership role, the inconveniences women deal with while traveling are on the rise as well.

A recent online survey of approximately 1,400 women conducted by the makers of GoGirl, a silicone device that allows women to go to the bathroom standing up, uncovered that finding adequate restrooms was the top travel inconvenience for women, followed by travel delays and navigating unfamiliar territory. "As women take the lead in travel, our needs are beginning to be heard," says Sarah Dillon, avid traveler and president of GoGirl. "We don't have to settle for the travel hassles that we currently face - and the solutions fit into our purses."

The rapid integration of smart phone applications to plan itineraries, receive travel alerts and serve as boarding passes has put convenient decision-making at travelers' fingertips. And it's no different for finding adequate restrooms, with applications such as SitorSquat and Have2P, which locate public bathrooms close to your location. While smart phones can help locate a lavatory, sometimes the most convenient restrooms aren't up to par - and sometimes there's no restroom at all. Posing a solution to these dilemmas are female urination devices, or products that enable women to go to the bathroom standing up where restrooms are unfit or nonexistent. Products of this kind have been widely used in Europe for years, but now the trend has hit the U.S. - with female travelers especially.

"An unexpected convenience, solutions like GoGirl are perfect for any bathroom emergency a woman can face. For travelers, there's no more worrying about what kind of bathroom you'll find or if you find one at all; for campers, there are no more soiled shoes. Even if you just want to avoid germs in places like gas stations and airports, there's a use for these products in almost any situation," says Dillon.

According to Chuck Weisbart, owner of It's in the Bag! travel store in Palm Desert, Calif., GoGirl is a go-to convenience items for women travelers. "Many of our customers do a lot of third-world travel, or go on outdoor adventures while they're traveling," says Chuck. "Women love GoGirl for its convenience and practicality - it weighs nothing and takes up very little space when not in use, and it's one of those products that you'd give an arm and a leg for if you're in a situation where you need it."

So women, be prepared for the unexpected inconveniences during travels - because life's greatest adventure shouldn't be finding a restroom. For more information about GoGirl, visit

Monday, October 25, 2010


The Go Girls are very excited to continue our GoGirl Story Series.  We're calling all you lovely ladies to share your GoGirl stories with us: times when you needed us, thought of us, or used us.  Email us at to participate.  We will post a new story each week.

Today Nikki shares her GoGirl Story:  

Hi Sarah,

I am a city girl. My idea of camping, before I met my husband, was a pop-up trailer at a nice little campground. My husband's idea of camping? Pitching a tent far enough away from civilization that you maybe see one person the entire time you're out there. So when he said we were going on a camping/fishing trip for our summer vacation I was a little worried. And even my imagination didn't compare to what I was actually in for...

We drove up a winding dirt road into the mountains of Wyoming, nowhere near the preferred camping areas of Wyoming. We drove past some nice little spots that even had a little out house but that wasn't where we were going, so we kept driving. More dirt roads and finally we turned from the dirt road onto another dirt road. But this road was not much of a road... We drove through the creek and then into the woods. Once into the woods the path we drove on was littered with boulders and fallen limbs. We bounced so much the truck complained! Finally, we stopped and pitched our tent. Have I mentioned that during this lovely summer vacation I was eight months pregnant?! So let's rewind to about two days before our trip.

Knowing that we were going to be miles from the nearest toilet and that we were going to be in bear country, my mind started racing. I needed -- a litter box? I wasn't about to go outside in the middle of the night to pee. And that thought then made me realize I wasn't going to be able to pee at all because squatting was not an option in my condition! I was really beginning to worry about this. I had to pee every hour or less and I couldn't balance enough to gracefully sit in a chair, let alone squat to pee. And that is when my husband found the GoGirl! I think he was mostly joking when he found it and sent me the website link but I jumped at it. We bought one on our way through the big city and I was so relieved (that I was going to be able to be relieved!)

We got a big water jug and emptied it into our water bottles. The big water jug sat beside my bedroll in the tent so that I didn't have to leave the safety of the tent in the middle of the night. What made the whole thing more awesome was that because of my size I had to buy large men's overalls to wear and they had a front zipper! So not only did I not have to squat or leave the tent at night, I didn't have to drop my drawers to give the mosquitoes new skin to bite! Of course, everyone wanted to hear the stories of my pregnant camping adventures and they all were told about the GoGirl.

I'm hooked! That thing will be with me on all my camping adventures from now on. Now I request you make a smaller size, so that my baby girl can have one when she's out of diapers! Thank you,

Thanks so much for sharing your story, Nikki. We're glad to hear GoGirl came in handy on your camping adventures!


Friday, October 22, 2010

A Note From Sarah

Hello there Ladies!

Well, let me tell you, being from the Midwest, this time of year is my all time favorite. I've been spending as much time as possible in the great outdoors absorbing the colors, while mentally preparing myself for weather that lies ahead.

We wrapped up another fantastic summer of sharing our product with women from all over. I'm thrilled to tell you that we are now shipping GoGirl to 25 countries (I know... wow!!) and are in over 250 US retailers! OK, so I knew there was a market for GoGirl -- I just didn't realize how broad that market is! Happy to say that we are also now in medical clinics and hospitals (a popular product for women who've had hip or knee surguries).

Hopefully many of you stopped by our booth at the State Fair (inside the HOT grandstand) ...and was a GRAND success! It was a long 12 days but thanks to my top notch GoGirls (to name a few, Cydney, Betty, Cheryl, Sandy, Comedy Girl Kristin and Julie) we pulled it off in a big way. For those of you who weren't able to stop by, be sure to visit the"Retail Locations" page on our website (top left corner) and hopefully there is a store near you. The holidays will soon be ever present and GoGirl is a great stocking stuffer! Once the ladies get past that "giggle factor," they'll thank you.

I always welcome your emails and phone calls... and your GoGirl stories!

Happy trails...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gogirl story 42: GoGirl at Grandma's Marathon

The Go Girls are very excited to continue our GoGirl Story Series.  We're calling all you lovely ladies to share your GoGirl stories with us: times when you needed us, thought of us, or used us.  Email us at to participate.  We will post a new story each week.

Today Gabi, from Duluth, MN shares her GoGirl Story:  

Hi Sarah,

My name is Gabi Gesch. I did my senior case analysis on the Go-Girl the past year. I met with your husband and a few of the people working on the GG campaign and thought that you might enjoy these pictures. I ran the Grandmas marathon in Duluth this summer and saw the Go-Girl booth and stopped by. I ended up buying a tank top and wearing it on the day of the race. Everyone was yelling "Go Girl" as I ran the course. I've been meaning to send the pictures to you for a while so I hope you enjoy them.

Gabi Gesch

Thanks so much for sharing your story, Gabi! It's so great whenever we see people out there wearing GoGirl gear! Thanks for the photos.


GoGirl at Grandma's Marathon 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Powder Puff Race for the Cure

Congratulations to one of our newest GoGirl Event Retailers, Linda Pridgeon Allen  
for her team's success at the 5th Annual Powder Puff "Race for the Cure" for Breast Cancer Awareness last week. Linda's team came in 1st place in their class and Linda will be the DOR (Driver of Record) for 2011 upcoming events.

PowderPuffRaceForthe Cure

Friday, October 15, 2010

GoGirl Story 41: GoGirl at La Carrera Panamericana

The Go Girls are very excited to continue our GoGirl Story Series.  We're calling all you lovely ladies to share your GoGirl stories with us: times when you needed us, thought of us, or used us.  Email us at to participate.  We will post a new story each week.

Today Kristin, from Evergreen, CO shares her GoGirl Story:  

Hi Sarah,

You guys are so cool! I just purchased a GoGirl and am anxiously awaiting its arrival as I leave on my journey in a few days.

For the 5th year in a row I'll be traveling to the southern reaches of Mexico to participate in La Carrera Panamericana, a vintage car race covering 2,000 miles of roads over 7 days of high speed racing in vintage race cars. La Carrera was originally run from 1950 - 1954 to announce the opening of the Panamerican Highway running from Guatemala to Texas. It was revived in 1987 and continues to be the legend that it was in the 1950s and widely known as the toughest road race in the world.

I'm a GoGirl I thought I would send you this preview and then possibly send you my story when I return in early November. There some amazing women who race, navigate or crew La Carrera and I can tell you that the opportunities to stop and pee, let alone pull down your one piece firesuit, are few and far between! Women race car drivers will love the GoGirl!

I live in Evergreen, CO but two weeks ago I married a man born, raised and still living in Mound, MN, so I was excited to see you are from Minnetonka. We met while racing at La Carrera in Mexico. I was with my dad racing in a 1952 Ford Victoria and Todd builds and races 1965 - 1968 Mustangs right there in Mound. We were featured in a 100-minute Discovery HD Channel documentary called GT Racer - they followed us during the entire race in 2008 and we won 1st and 3rd in class.

I'm stoked about my GoGirl and hope it gets here on time. And maybe later you can send us some stickers and/or become a sponsor of our Mustangs To Go Racing Team. Would love to see a macho race car all stickered up in pink GoGirl stickers! :)

Be well,

Kristin Stewart

Thanks so much for sharing your story, Kristin! We're glad to hear you thought of us for La Carrera Panamericana.


Monday, October 11, 2010

GoGirl Story 40: GoGirl and the Cowgirl

We're excited to continue our GoGirl Story Series.  We're calling all you lovely ladies to share your GoGirl stories with us: times when you needed us, thought of us, or used us.  Email us at to participate.  We will post a new story each week.

Today Paula from Kerriville, TX shares her GoGirl Story:  


I received an email this morning from my SON with a link to the Go-Girl website, including a note saying, "this looks like something you'd say, 'I wish I would have thought of that' about!" Of course, I clicked on the link right away and had a nice laugh at his "confidence" in me, as well as the fact that this cute little pink spigot was a GREAT idea!

I actually have a homemade version of a FUD made from some rather unforgiving plastic, based on a pattern I'd seen at an aunt's house. I must admit, however, that I have not tried my little purple spout for fear of the discomfort it might cause. And why would I need one of these in the first place?

Every spring and fall for the past 3 years, I head out to deep West Texas to participate in an honest-to-goodness round up. Being in the saddle all day out amongst 80,000 acres does require a cowgirl to think of creative ways to relieve herself in those conditions! Not to mention, trying to squat and not get stuck by a cactus, thorns, or worse while juggling the jeans, chaps, boots, and spurs can be a daunting challenge! Yes, there is a fair amount of cowboy tinkle envy goin' on with the few cowgirls who participate in these! But even under those conditions, I still have not brought myself to try out my handcrafted funnel.

After seeing the Go Girl, I do believe I will be sporting one for the next round up! This looks exactly like what we gals need out there on the range, and I love the way it comes packaged. A perfect fit for the already over-loaded saddle pack, indeed! It might also just find itself as a the next birthday gift for the friend of mine who's gone out for several of the round ups. Hmmmm.... wonder how some leather fringe would look attached to the rim of the Go Girl? ;-)

I've also wished I'd have had a GoGirl when I was training for marathons. Again... tinkle envy as my husband could easily step off the road, take care of business, then wait for me to emerge from some hidden spot while I irritatedly yanked the flora from my running shorts.

I also occasionally go out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico in a small boat...usually with males only...and now I, too, can STAND at the edge of the boat and water the fishes. Yes!!!

So...thank you for this wonderful, it's-about-time product, ladies of Go-Girl! I will report back to you after the spring round up! (assuming I get to bucked off a runaway horse at the fall round up a week ago...nursing a broken rib and some nasty ol' bruising...yee haw!)

Happy Trails!

Paula Reynolds

Thanks so much for sharing your story, Paula!


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