Monday, March 28, 2011

A Message from Sarah


Ok, so I occasionally get asked this question: "Are you the inventor of GoGirl?" It's a good question and here's the 411...

I am the GoGirl Founder and Spokesperson who created the GoGirl brand and launched our US and international marketing. My vision was, still is, to bring this unique convenience to women everywhere because it makes life better for so many once they start to think about it in context of their lifestyle. A medical doctor (long time friend) from Minnetonka, MN invented this product about 20 years ago, mainly with the intent to help with his elderly mother who had difficulties getting around. The first product, "Stand-Up," really went nowhere until early 2008 when we re-launched the product as GoGirl. I helped shape some minor, but critical changes to the product then worked with my team to re-brand and launch the product. Our marketing and positioning goal was to allow women to see this as a very normal feminine convenience item and to overcome natural skepticism that a product of this nature can create. Thanks to our marketing team, (Risdall Advertising) GoGirl has received amazing media attention and been very effective at introducing and "normalizing" a new convenience for many women.

As always, in GoGirl spirit,


Friday, March 25, 2011

GOGirl and scoliosis

Dear Sarah,

I found your go-girl FUD website while I was browsing ways to help my best friend who suffer from Scoliosis disease. As you may know, scoliosis is a disease that cause spinal curvature. Cindy, my best friend, has been recently diagnosed scoliosis. She has to wear a corset that covers her body 24 hours a day. She's a very active woman, and you can imagine wearing corset like that makes her life very frustrating. She has difficulties even to help herself to pee. I'm wondering if a go-girl FUD can help her to ease her life.

I would be grateful if you could reply my inquiry. Thanks!

Hello Eric,

Thanks for your email and I'm so glad that you wrote to me. I, too, have Scoliosis, and wore the "Milwaukee" back brace for years, (ages 13-17), and I very much know how tough life is wearing the brace 24/7. I remember having difficulties sitting down on the toilet. Without fail, my butt would get pinched by the base of the brace. This was back in the 70's so I don't know if there is much of a difference with the structure, but mine went from underneath my chin to inches past my hips. So I wasn't able to see what I was doing, and to me, there's no question that GoGirl would have helped me tremendously.

Thanks again and I wish you and your friend the very best! :)


using and re-using GoGirl in the outdoors

Hi Sarah,

I'm very intrigued by your product. GoGirl makes a lot of sense for someone like me who spends a lot of time outdoors, BUT it says you're supposed to wash with soap and water and roll up into the baggie to put back in the tube. What's the use of the case for me when I'm on a multi-pitch rock climb and have to use the Go Girl more than once under conditions that in no way allow for washing or drying between uses?

Any insight to offer, because I'm not seeing much information to support my need. Thanks so much!


Hi Teresa,

Thanks for your email and glad to hear that GoGirl caught your attention! :)

You asked a good question. I'm picturing someone on a rock climb, keeping the balance and attempting to roll it back up in the tube. Yeah, you wouldn't want to do that and here's my suggestion:

First of all, before leaving on your adventure, ditch the tube and put in a zip-lock sandwich bag, (along with a fresh tissue). So when you're ready to use it, easy access. After use, give the GoGirl a good shake and it'll bead right off and become practically dry. (If you have a water bottle, give a squirt it you'd like). Then toss back into the zip-lock, fold in half, tuck away and it's ready to go for your next use.

Have you tried the GoGirl yet? I always suggest to first time users, please practice at home before taking the show on the road, or rocks, in your case. A good place that first time is in the territory for trying something that's quite foreign to us ladies.

Safe travels and stay dry! :)

GoGirl Story #51: Ladies on Snowmobiles like GoGirl

The Go Girls are very excited to continue our GoGirl Story Series.  We're calling all you lovely ladies to share your GoGirl stories with us: times when you needed us, thought of us, or used us.  Email us at to participate.  We will post a new story each week.

Today we are sharing a GoGirl Story  that came to us via Facebook:

So, here's my GOGIRL story... I bought a set of three, practiced couple of times, went snowmobiling for the day (perfect trial run for GoGirl) and I was so thankful that I didn't have to leave the trail to go to the bathroom (waist deep in snow it's hard to get snowsuit down, and out of the way, and that just the beginning). Had a great day! My husband thinks it' hilarious, plus he doesn't have to hear me grumble (snow in winter, bugs and prickly things in summer lol). Shortly afterwards, my Daughter took one home with her, that leaves me with two, so I ordered a case... Christmas is coming :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

GoGirl idea: Vending machines!

Hi Sarah,

This product seems interesting. An idea I had would be to create vending machines for bathrooms so that women can discreetly purchases these while at concerts or sporting events.

Thank you,

Hi Ericka,

Thanks for your email and I completely agree with you! I think there should be a vending machine in every gas station and truck stop in the country... right there next to the tampon machine. I have to believe some day we'll be there. Some of those bathrooms are hard to even walk up to, let alone.... Yes, that would be nice for women, wouldn't it?

Thanks for your support,

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