Monday, June 20, 2011

GoGirl - A Hot item in Norway!

GoGirl is recieving rave reviews in Norway! We are featured on the cover of top Norwegian magazine, KK, and have been listed as a "top pick" as well.

Click HERE to read the article in Norwegian and HERE to read it in English

For information on purchasing GoGirl in Norway go to

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

GoGirl Story #54 GoGirl for new home away from home

The Go Girls are very excited to continue our GoGirl Story Series.  We're calling all you lovely ladies to share your GoGirl stories with us: times when you needed us, thought of us, or used us.  Email us at to participate.  We will post a new story each week. Today LuLu Lane shares her GoGirl Story:  

Dear Sarah,

Let me just say, wow... Your hospitality makes me miss home so much more. Before doing this tour, my husband was away doing a tour in Iraq. I was pregnant with our third child and had two children to take care of alone, with some help from in-laws. Then we got the news that we were being relocated when he returned to the USA. We had three months after my daughter was born to pack out. I have never lived outside the USA before so I had mixed feelings. The first thing I thought of is how nice it would be see other parts of the world and to be in Austria. But believe it or not, it's been very difficult -- it's not the pretty picture that one thinks of; life outside of the USA is very different. Yes, the country itself is beautiful with a lot of opportunities, and though some peoople are nice, many of them are not. It's not a kid friendly environment -- in fact, they seem to prefer dogs to children! So imagine us, with no experience living anywhere else other than the US, not being able to speak German, in a place where children are just tolerated (I have 3 children). Everything is so inconvenient here and space seems to be an issue (apparently our minivan is huge). So when I talk to people like you Sarah, it reminds me how much I appreciate the comforts and conveniences of life back in the U.S. I looked up your product trying to find some way to make life here easier for my nine year old daughter. Since I've never gone camping, I had no clue how to teach her how to go to the bathroom in a hole in the ground of the restroom in the park and the church, but this type of bathroom is quite common in Europe and in many other countries. So again, thank you for sending GoGirl to us, we are so very grateful!!!


Lulu Lane

Hi LuLu,

Thank you for sharing your story! I'm sure it's both exciting AND intimidating to pick up and relocate across the world as you've done. I'm glad to hear that GoGirl has helped you and your daughter!

Kind regards,


Monday, June 6, 2011

GoGirl at CMA Fest

Hi Sarah,

I ran across your product at the mall here in Nashville. CMA Fest is next week and we are hosting a private VIP party on Sunday, June 13th to raise funds for the recent tornado victims from the south, including Joplin, MO, Alabama and Tennessee. We LOVE your product and would be grateful if we could include a handful of them in the raffle. We will have celebrity guests including Chris Young, Trent Tomlinson & Jared Neiman. I'd be happy to get your product in a picture with them as well. Should you venture out here during CMA Fest, you are welcome as our guest!

Here is a link to Big Shotz Bar, where the event will be held:

To purchase bracelets in advance for the event go to:

Thank you,

Hi Hannah,

Thanks for your email. Absolutely - count us in! We'll send a gift basket (valued at $65) as well as 12-15 samples to be sold at $10/per unit (or as a raffle prize/giveaway - whichever works). We'll do anything we can to help support the tornado victims and what a great event to do so. I wish I could be there. If you happen to stumble upon Keith Urban, give him a big smooch from the GoGirl:) Send me your address and we'll get this out right away. Thanks for thinking of us!


Hi Sarah,

Wonderful! Thanks so much for your support! A good friend is Nicole's personal assistant, so I will see what I can do on getting something signed for you! ;) We will be sure to give your product the attention it deserves! We each bought one when we saw it. My girlfriends think it's great! I will keep you posted on the event and send you some pictures.

Thank you again!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Using GoGirl With an Injury - Sarah's Tips

Hello Sarah,

In some of your ads, you say you can use the go girl with slacks on. How?

Also, I recently fell and broke my leg and have been confined to a wheel chair and bed. Doesn't someone make a funnel for use from bed without getting up?

Any advice is appreciated!


Hi Susan,

Thanks for your email. I'm so sorry to hear about your injury that is keeping you so confined. I can't even imagine. As I sit here now, I'm typing with a full-on cast on my hand/arm (right hand) and yes, I'm right-handed. But what I've got going on doesn't even come close to some of the challenges you must be facing!

Yes, with a little practice, women can use a GoGirl without having to undress and expose. Simply adjust the front of your clothing, not much different than how a man does when standing. You'll need just enough of an opening to "cup a seal" and the GoGirl is designed with an angle where it goes over your feet - not straight down (again, very much like a guy).

The GoGirl does not work well lying down (possibly an aftercare store at a hospital may offer something) however, it's been confirmed to me that using the GoGirl in a wheelchair can be done. If able, slide towards the edge of the seat and this way you can direct right to a pan or bucket. May sound crazy... but it works! Don't get frustrated if you dribble with the first couple of tries. As anything new and foreign to us, it just takes practice.

Susan, the best tip I can provide is to hold the GoGirl from front to back, using your thumb and middle finger. GoGirl is made from a flexible (medical-grade) silicone, so it can easily collapse if too much pressure is applied, thus breaking open the back seal (keeping the back end sealed is key).

I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery!



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