Monday, March 12, 2012

GoGirl Story #64: Comedian Gives GoGirl to Female TV Producers

We're excited to continue our GoGirl Story Series!  We're calling all you lovely ladies to share your GoGirl stories with us: times when you needed us, thought of us, or used us.  Email your GoGirl Story to  We will post a new story each week. Today Trish Nelson from New York shares her GoGirl story:

Hi Sarah!

My name is Trish Nelson, and I recently bought several GoGirls at Babeland in NYC. The reason that I bought these little gems was because I'm a comedienne/actress here in New York and I was on one of my final callbacks for this amazing internet channel called "My Damn Channel." I wanted to give the GoGirls out as gifts to all of the female producers because, well... they're creating this new show, and as we all know, when you are in the processes of working 19 hours a day developing a program.... you just don't have time to sit down.

They LOVED them! And, the best news of all is that I am now working along side their team creating a show of my very own for their channel!!! WTF?!??! I seriously think that GoGirl had A LOT to do with me getting in close with them. I basically bribed them with your product. I will definitely find ways to use my GoGirl on my new program - I will find a way to plug the hell out of it!

Also, the lady I spoke with at GoGirl Customer Service that night was so helpful. I believe her name was... Elizabeth? That's probably wrong... maybe it started with an "M"? Margret? At any rate, she saved me about $80 bucks because I was trying to overnight the product from your online store so that I could use them in my audition the next day. She let me know that you had your product in stores all over NYC and kindly refunded my purchase from the internet making is so that I could go out and pick them up that same night right down the street from my house! Seriously wonderful to know that there are still companies out there that truly care about their customers! I will definitely be returning the favor! Thanks again!

Trish Nelson

P.S. I know that the girls at "My Damn Channel" do, in fact, love your product because one of them just wrote me telling me about her experience with hers!

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