Friday, April 20, 2012

Soccer Mom talks to Sarah about GoGirl

Hi Sarah,

I just recently purchased a GoGirl at Bass Pro Shop... I have two young girls, ages 9 and 2. My 9-year-old plays soccer and when she has outdoor soccer games I hate taking them to portable potties. My 9-year-old will wait till we get to a cleaner restroom but when my 2-year-old has to go she has to go. I've looked every where for a solution to not have to go in the dirty portable potty"s My husband saw your product so hopefully this works... he has came up with a very cool way of having her go, but I'm going to give this a try -- hope it works!

Thank you, Veronica

Hi Veronica,

Thanks for your email and I’m glad you found GoGirl at Bass Pro Shop. And hats off to your husband for coming up with creative ways for the girls to ‘go’ - but I’m with you.....there’s nothing worse than porta-potties!

So in your situation, GoGirl can help in two ways; If they are going out behind a tree or building, etc, this will allow them to ‘go’ without having to drop the shorts and straddle. They can just turn their back and adjust the front of their clothes. Yup, just like a guy. (I added that because so many say “just like a GUY?” It’s pretty funny). Should there be no other option other than the porta-potty, they won’t have to touch anything, pants won’t drop to a icky floor, and best of all, no more hovering over the ‘hole’

I suggest this to everyone, have them practice a time or two in the shower prior to hitting the soccer field. It’s easy to use, but obviously a new concept for us girls. You may find that you’ll be using it too! One size fits all! :)

Let me know if you have any other questions, or feel free to call me.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Using/cleaning GoGirl multiple times while out in the woods

Hi Sarah,

Okay so I see the usefulness of this product, and need it because I do walk a lot in the woods but how does the item stay clean, or how does the user keep it clean between pees, on the same walk. Are we talking about carrying an extra water bottle to rinse it, wipes to wipe it dry and then be able to put it away for the next use, along the same walk where there is no access to a wah hands basin?


Hi Jeanette,

You ask a good question!

GoGirl is made from a medical grade silicone. It’s flexible, (for easy tuck-a-way) and water and germ resistant. You’ll see that with a good “shake” after use, it’ll bead dry. (Some give a little squirt with a water bottle to rinse). Place in the provided storage bag, tuck it away and at your convenience, wash with soap and water and use again and again. I keep mine in a zip-lock sandwich bag (remember to include a fresh tissue). That way it’s easy to get to, and easy to put away. It certainly has proven to be another solution for us ladies to be able to ‘go’ while maintaining dignity at the same time! :)

I hope that answers your question. Let me know if you have any more.


P.S. Another tip: practice the 1st time or 2 in the’ll learn your “technique” quickly! :)

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