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Welcome to the GoGirl Blog

It's been an amazing experience bringing GoGirl to women.  GoGirl is such a unique product and we've had a wonderful response from women throughout the world since our launch in January.  Our product is the best on the market -- easy to use, easy to store.

We're consistently finding that the majority of women love the freedom the product brings to them. Watch our Testimonial video from the Minneapolis Women's Expo on January 17, 2009.  This is very typical of the type of response we get from women about GoGirl!

Thanks for visiting and thanks to our growing list of fans.  We love hearing from you.  Please leave me a message here on my blog or email me.

Sarah Dillon
President & Founder


1. Ashley said... on 3/16/2009
This product is amazing!! I love the outdoors and riding atvs with the guys...but it was hard to camp for a weekend of mudding when all they had was nasty port a pottys! Who wants to sit on that? Anyway, this is gonna come in handy for me..and I can't wait to use them this mudding season!! WHOOOO lol
2. maira villegas said... on 3/16/2009
i have a 5 year old who i was told has a very small bladder which makes traveling with her very hard and my question is can she use this or is this made for women not children thanks it would be greeeeat if she can use it.
3. JO ANN HOLLIS said... on 3/23/2009
i love your fud. here in alabama never heard of it. what can i do to get the word out here in albertville, alabama.
4. robyn said... on 3/27/2009
Actually, I have a suggestion. In your clothing section, sell underwear that makes it easy to use the gogirl. Or basic jeans with a longer, lower positioned than normal, zipper that one can wear for general travel, walks or other type of activities where it's hard to find a bathroom. Festivals, outdoor events etc. I would use these items for car travel or hikes if they were cost effective and the jeans looked basic and good. It's hard to use the gogirl with the kind of pants that have a zip that doesn't go lower than most jeans do.
5. Marion Blow said... on 3/29/2009
Hello Go-Girl Team! My guy actually heard about Go-Girl on the radio and told me about it, thank goodness he did! We're getting ready for our favorite 11 hour music festival! I am so glad to no longer have that worry in the back of my mind, knowing that very soon I will be trying to squat over deplorable facilities and portalets. And I am sure some of you ladies will agree that it's not so easy after a few fun cocktails!! The fear is gone and I feel a bit liberated too!! Being a size 14 with full thighs I honestly thought there would be a little mess, but there wasn't and it was as easy to use as stated on the site. From the first try I was a pro!!

Thank you for bringing this device back to life and saving women from bare bottoms and sore thighs!! (lol)

Marion Blow
Orlando, FL

I am telling every girl I know and will help anyway I can!! I believe in your product and am soo exticed for the future because this fact is true: Having to pee shouldn't be a problem!!
6. misguidedmommy said... on 4/6/2009
I think this is so rad. I would love to have this when I am camping which we do a ton here in Reno. Spending the summer in Tahoe is nice until it's two AM, in the dark and there is no bathroom near. I can't wait to try this out!
7. Carey said... on 4/6/2009
What a great idea! I hate to admit that I'm an outside squatter...while camping, in a private spot when the line is way too long in the bathroom, etc. (Is this TMI?) And there is always a bit of a mess...but you do whatcha gotta do, right? Especially when you are a mom with two young kids.

But with your product I think my problems would be splatter, right?

And I love your logo and slogan...very cute and clever!
8. Krystyn said... on 4/7/2009
I love the idea of this. I've always joked about being able to stand up and why we couldn't and now you've made a product that allows us, too!
9. Linda Stewart said... on 4/7/2009
This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Where were you when I was a little girl having to squat on the side of the road and peeing all over my shoes? This will take the worry out of being in the middle of nowhereville and needing to pee with no facility around.
10. Kimm at Reinvented said... on 4/7/2009
Wow, this would be a God-send in those nasty portajohns at sporting events! Thanks!
11. Tammy said... on 4/7/2009
This would be so handy when traveling. I absolutely hate using the public restrooms. And when camping, what can I say about that.
12. CC said... on 4/8/2009
Cool! I was always jealous of my husband being able to jump out of the car on road trips and quickly go. Now us gals can too!
13. Heather said... on 4/12/2009
I was so enthused with what I read her, I bought four of the Go-Girls - one for myself and one for each of my sister. I've received and tested mine out - it's going to make life a lot easier on the 4-hour ride to the cottage when we make our pee-stops!!
14. Michelle said... on 4/14/2009
Wow, this product is so imaginative! I can't wait to try it.
15. Emily said... on 4/14/2009
This is a wonderful thing! I'm excited to try this out sometime. I heard about this from
16. Malaika said... on 4/14/2009
I was almost sure it was a joke when I first heard of GoGirl, but after coming to the site and looking around I say I´m game to give this a try. I´m not particularly outdoorsy but I can think of several instances where this would come in handy. Thanks for introducing the option.
17. Abby said... on 4/16/2009
Hello! I love the idea of the GoGirl but it might be beneficial to mark on the GoGirl which way is front, and which way is back!!

18. Tangie said... on 4/19/2009
I teach junior high, and trust me..some of the female students might want this for the bathrooms!! I get to use the teacher bathroom...they don't!
19. CheekyDramaTeacher said... on 4/29/2009
Hey Go-Girl, just wanted to say thanks a million for your product- it is saving my life! It's a dream!!! Now I can pee freely... i feel like a toddler!!! I followed your advice and put it in my dishwasher with my weekly load.. and honestly girls IT DOES WORK! I haven't even had any embarrasing leakages!
20. emily said... on 4/29/2009
ummm, genius!!
21. MK said... on 4/30/2009
I just ordered this product on Monday and it came in the mail today (Thursday), so thanks for the fast shipping! This FUD lives up to its reputation and is an ease to use-no mess! Thanks for making the perfect device for anywhere you need to go!
22. hu said... on 4/30/2009
why there is no sale in Ebay.i am a boy.i want to get one for my girlfriend .where or how can i buy it
23. May said... on 5/27/2009
I love this idea. I couldn't wait to try this specially traveling with my daughter.
24. Sue said... on 9/4/2009
I have been camping summers for 20 years in the woods in a makeshift cottage with no toilet. My husband rigged up a urination “toilet” for me, but it's a wobbly funnel over a pipe in the ground with a toilet seat over it. I always have to be careful not to bump the funnel when I use it. Not anymore! I just ordered 3 of your gogirls, one for me and one for each of my sisters. I may even buy one for my mom who is 80 and my mother-in-law who is 88. I will also use it in every public toilet from now on. My mother taught us not to sit on public toilets, so we’ve always squatted over them. Thank you so much for finally bringing relief to all of us women!
25. Tanya said... on 5/4/2010
This is the most wonderful thing EVER for being overseas in a combat zone. When wearing body armor, kevlar, a flightsuit and a weapon (all designed for MEN) it's next to impossible to take an "Admin Stop" with the boys unless you're clever and cut up a water bottle beforehand, and even then you have to be careful and it's not always successful. Another female clued me in to the "GoGirl--" this should be standard issue to us females in the field! Thanks again, these are definitely going with me on my next deployment!
26. Tamiera said... on 9/8/2010
This product is great! I got mine in the mail two days ago. I was just wondering, can children use it? I was thinking about my 12 year old daughter as she is part of a dancing school and, tbh, there's nothing worse than the toilets there!
27. Karen said... on 10/21/2012
i have been waiting for something like this since 1967,I go hunting and when ur in the woods it is alittle inconvenient. and a lot of squatting. this year i seen it in camping department and bought it and all i can say is that is AWESOME,thank u for coming up with the idea.I love it and use it not just in the woods but also every where I go.

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