Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A note from Sarah

Hello all!

Well, this continues to get really interesting. :)

Ok, quick update on numbers; we're now selling in more than 800 US retailers and in 35 countries! Some of our amazing and loved retailers include,, Gander Mountain, Cabelas, and so many more.

So hereís the deal. Four years ago when my husband and I decided to help market this unique product, we knew it would be an adventure. It's not only been an adventure, it has and continues to shape our lives. Examples include my husband driving solo with the kids from Denver to Minneapolis because of a diverted flight from the Outdoor Retail convention in Salt Lake City in August. Hundreds of events over the last 3 years. It's been an honor to be part of this and has become more of a mission than just a founder and spokesperson role for me.

I would not be honest if I did not say that being part of a business launch during a tough economy has not been a challenge. Launching a new category might be classified as foolish and this is really what we're doing at GoGirl, (launching a category, not the part about being foolish!) Our goal is to create awareness and acceptance and build a market for an amazing convenience item. This is about educating women and creating acceptance of something very new and somewhat different, but very common sense for many women. The great news is that GoGirl is alive, healthy and expanding in 2012. We've enjoyed 3 years of consistant growth thanks to an amazing team of people working here at GoGirl. We consider ourselves to be a family and my job is to own our culture and make this a great place to be a part of. I'm also greatful to over 50 of our international dealers who are a part of this vision of creating acceptance of a basic convenience for women.

We've now sold more than 500,000 GoGirls. We have had over 2 million web visitors. We've been on CNN, NBC, The Doctors, The View, and had literally thousands of blog posts about the product.

We have over 9,000 Facebook friends for our US GoGirl Page and there about 10 international Worldwide Partner Facebook pages. (Thatís a mouthful)..

This may sound a bit weird, but really, I'm proud of and have great respect for our competitors and wish I had more time to reach out to them. If you owned GoGirl you might consider them competition. I consider them to be allies in normalizing and creating acceptance of a unique brand that can be stigmatized by sexist or worse attitudes. I think of amazing women like Sam who owns and sells SheWee in the UK. She was on the UK version of Shark Tank and I know how hard she has worked to launch her business.

Like our competitors we've worked hard to produce the best product and marketing we can. We see pros and cons in all of our competition, but mostly pros because I think you have to be an idealist to be in this crazy category. GoGirl has worked hard to be the best product and I think we are the largest seller of the product, but have no industry data to support this. We do have about a 10 to 1 lead from a brand mention on the web if this is any kind of indication. Again, however this is not a competition for me, I see it as a collaboration in creating acceptance of a new category for women.

Watch for postings of our GoGirl team meetings and interviews. I'm even hoping some of our industry peers will participate and I'll invite Sam to visit with us to laugh with us about our crazy adventures. We have friends from all over the world I want you to meet.

Cheers to all! :)



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