Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We're excited to continue our GoGirl Story Series!  We're calling all you lovely ladies to share your GoGirl stories with us: times when you needed us, thought of us, or used us.  Email your GoGirl Story to  We will post a new story each week. Today Kat , a female volunteer fire fighter, shares her GoGirl story:

Dear Sarah,

I LOVE the GoGirl! I heard about from a friend and looked it up online. I wasn't so sure at first but now I've purchased it and used it I don't know how I've gotten by with out my GoGirl!  See, I am a female volunteer fire fighter so I am on call 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. And after working an 8 hour day working at my real job, I come home and still may get paged out for a house fire or a car wreak any time is of the essence cause your dealing with another persons life so its not like I can stop by the potty on my way out the door!!  So I keep a GoGirl in my fire gear bag and when were out on a house fire for 5 to 6 hours, I no loner have to worry about what I'm gonna do if i have to pee especially around all the guys! And honestly its kind of hard to pee in full fire gear.  Thank you so much for this product!  It REALLY helps me out!!   KAT 

Thank you,

Hi ,

Hi KAT! Thank you so much for sharing your story.  I very much appreciate your compliments of GoGirl, and I can imagine that, YES, this will come very handy, especially doing what you do!  You are obviously a very brave (& busy!) woman, running TO fires!  Good to hear  that GoGirl can be of some help! :) Thanks again for the shout-out and be safe while you’re on the job!   Cheers! Sarah


1. Lisa said... on 12/4/2012
Dear Sarah,
I love to travel and just be outside "playing". I was diagnosed with IC, or Painful Bladder, two years ago. I have to pee, ALL the time. I'm constantly looking for my next bathroom, wherever I am. I cycle, trail run, golf, ski, you name it, I love to do it. My freedom has been limited to locations of restrooms. In the winter, the public park and golf course bathrooms are locked. Well, I have my independence back, because of YOU and GO GIRL! I can never thank you enough!
In fact, it just may be I use it more often, just because I CAN!
Thank YOU!!!

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